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​"I am passionate and enthusiastic about engaging anybody in wildlife, inspiring everyone to go out and be 'wowed' by what the natural world has to offer."​


Out now: my new book, Raptor Prey Remains.

Whether you've found a pile of feathers on your lawn or at a regular bird of prey plucking place, this book is the first step to identify what's been eaten! 

Available through Pelagic Publishing and other online book retail stores. 

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Urban Peregrines

My book Urban Peregrines can be ordered on the Pelagic Publishing website. Just click here.


This beautifully illustrated book is the first in-depth focus on the lives of Peregrines in towns and cities. In words and stunning photographs I reveal the latest information on Peregrine behaviour including how they are adapting to and taking advantage of the urban environment.
Urban Peregrines is also a how-to-guide, with information on finding peregrines, studying their diet, ringing individuals for research, putting up nest boxes and enabling people to learn more about them through public viewing points or web cameras.


"A fascinating insight into the life of our top urban predator" - Stephen Moss, Naturalist, author and TV producer.


Ed with feathers: Tracey Rich; Ed at seabird colony: Liz Shaw; Ed in Spitsbergen (boat and on land) by Bret Charman; Ed with Sika deer stag by Liz Shaw; Ed on Bristol Ferry Boat (from afar) by Cheryl Martin. 

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