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Wildlife of Madagascar

Hooded Wheatear, Israel by Ed Drewitt
Madagascar is home to wildlife and plants found nowhere else in the world. 90% of the country's nature has evolved over the past 88 million years in isolation from other continents.

Duration: 60 - 80 mins plus break

Throughout this talk I will reveal more about the wierd and wonderful wildlife of Madagascar surviving in the remaining habitats and reserves across the country. From the wet rainforests in the west to the hot, dry spiny forests in the east, there is an abundance of fascinating birds, reptiles, insects and mammals to discover. Many are mind-boggling cryptic to keep them hidden. Others, such as the lemurs, are plain cute and cuddly but well adapated to their forest environments. Some, such as the Indri have an incredible haunting call that echos across the rainforest canopy. And there is always the chance of seeing something very rare and secretive. This is a chance to sit back and enjoy the diversity of life that is living in Madagascar. 

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Greater Flamingoes, Israel by Ed Drewitt
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