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Duration: 60 - 80 mins plus break

The high Arctic is a cold unforgiving place shrouded in complete darkness for over half the year. However, when spring arrives in late May/June the islands of Spistbergen come alive with birdlife that has been wintering across other parts of Europe and mammals such as Polar Bears that have been hibernating or hunkering down. 


During this talk I reveal the wide range of birds, mammals and plants that make Spitsbergen their home during the summer months. From our largest whale in the world, the Blue Whale, to the small pied Snow Buntings, everything is against the clock, rushing to breed and feed before the snow, ice and darkness returns for another season. 

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Wildlife of Spitsbergen

Hooded Wheatear, Israel by Ed Drewitt
Greater Flamingoes, Israel by Ed Drewitt
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