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Dawn Chorus Walks, Bird Courses and Boat Trips


Ever wondered what the dawn chorus sounds like? Want to identify common birds near where you live? My walks and training sessions listed below are an ideal way of getting out early (or late), hearing the onset of spring, and learning who's who in the bird world.



Ed speaking on Matilda b by Cheryl Marti


Early Birdsong: Wildlife boat trips up the River Avon


In collaboration with the Bristol Ferry Boat Company we will leave the Bristol Harbour early to listen to the morning birdsong along the River Avon near Hanham. We hope to stop and turn off the engine to listen to the riverside sounds while looking for kingfishers, grey wagtails and grey herons. 

Upcoming dates below for 2021 TBC. Booking required via this link

Waterside Wildlife: Wildlife boat trips down the Avon Gorge

On these trips we will be looking for wildlife between Bristol and Avonmouth, moving through different landscapes including the Bristol Floating Harbour, the Avon Gorge and down to the Severn Estuary at Avonmouth. Potential sightings include peregrine falcons, redshanks, roe deer and grey herons. 


Upcoming dates below for 2020. Booking required via this link

Thursday 24th September, 9:50am 

Thursday 8th October, 2:00pm 

Photo by Bronwyn Harvey

Dawn Chorus Walks 2021 to be confirmed


The dawn chorus is the most amazing sound of spring when all birds sing together. If you have never heard it before the sound will simply blow you away. 


If a 5am or 5.30am start time is a little too early for your liking I also lead early bird walks that begin at around 8am ish.




Photo by Bronwyn Harvey

Bird Identification Courses 2021 - to be confirmed


Learning to identify birds and their song is a great way to connect more with nature and take part in bird surveys. Please click on the venue or organisation below for details to book. 





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