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Urban Peregrines

What makes an urban peregrine tick?

I have been studying urban peregrines for the past 25 years, looking at what they eat and where young travel once they leave the nest. I am currently doing a part time PhD on my long term diet research at the University of Bristol.

My book 'Urban Peregrines', the first of its kind, is available to buy here.


While working on peregrines I have helped confirm that:


  • Urban peregrines hunt at night in towns and cities taking nocturnal migrants such as woodcock, little grebe and water rails. My paper published in British Birds explains more.


  • Many colour-ringed peregrines hatched from nests in the west of England head to the east and north-east of the UK. See this link for my public access paper recently published in Ringing & Migration.


  • Over 100 species of bird are eaten by urban peregrines from kingfishers to blackcaps; feral/domesticated pigeons make up a third of the urban peregrine diet.

Peregrine with green woodpecker by Dave Pearce.

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