Fossil Hunting


  • How do we find fossils on the beach?

  • What was life like when these fossils were living creatures?

  • What stories does a cliff have to tell?


Morning, afternoon or day trips available to visit a beach (Aust, South Glos.) and go fossil hunting. I will help you and the children to find your own shelly fossils which they can take back to school afterwards. We may also find fossilised teeth, fish scales and poo (coprolites). 


This is a chance to discover more about life 200 million years ago, what the West Country looked like, and the types of creatures that were living alongside the west’s very own dinosaur, the Thecodontosaurus. We even see clues that Bristol was a hot desert a long time ago! 


Session length: 


Aust, South Gloucestershire – 1.5 - 2 hours per class session

Generally one class in the morning 10am - 12pm and another in the afternoon 12.30pm - 2.30pm.

Suitable for: EYFS, Key stages 1 - 4


Group sizes: 30 – 45 at any one time


Fee: £165 half day, morning or afternoon / £330 full day


Schools pay coach costs separately. 


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