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I deliver outdoor workshops that provide safe opportunities to learn in the natural environment and enable children to develop their curiosity, creativity and enjoyment of nature . Below are three popular sessions - for others, or tailor-made ones, please contact me direct.

Fossil Hunting
  • How do we find fossils on the beach?

  • What was life like when these fossils were living creatures?

  • What stories does a cliff tell us?


Morning, afternoon or day trips are available to visit a beach (Aust, South Glos or Charmouth, Dorset) and to go fossil hunting. Children will all find their own fossils which they can take back to school and/or home afterwards. 


This is a chance to discover more about life 200 million years ago, what the West Country looked like, and the types of creatures that were living alongside the west’s very own dinosaur, the Thecodontosaurus.


Session length: Aust, South Glos – 2 hours


Charmouth, Dorset (including travel all day – a morning or afternoon can be spent on the beach)


Suitable for: EYFS, Key stages 1 - 4


Group sizes: 30 – 45 at any one time


Fee: £150 half day (morning or afternoon) / £300 full day plus fuel costs (if visiting Charmouth)

Peregrine Falcons and food chains
  • What makes the Peregrine a top predator?

  • How does the Peregrine fit into a food chain?

  • What food chains do you have around your school?


In this workshop children discover more about urban Peregrines, what they eat, and how they link into food chains. Other local, relevant examples related to the school's grounds will also be used. This workshop can be done at a site where Peregrines live, for example in the centre of Bristol or Bath, or in the classroom at school. I have been studying Peregrines and their diets for 15 years, and am able to give first-hand accounts of studying and working with the fastest bird in the world! 


Session length: 1 hour


Suitable for: Primary Phase 


Group sizes: 30 – 35


Fee: £100 for one class in school; £150 for half a day (2 classes) in school, or for a half day site visit outdoors. 

  • What lives in your school grounds?

  • How many plants and animals can you find in one hour?

  • How can you improve your school for wildlife?


In this workshop you and your class will be able to do a 'BioBlitz' - this involves discovering what wildlife lives around your school over a set period of time. Using sweep nets, pooters, and natural curiosity, this is a great chance to explore what is on your doorstep, how all the creatures and plants link together to form food chains, and what you can do to enhance the nature living at your school. 


Session length: 1 hour


Suitable for: Primary Phase


Group sizes: 30 – 35


Fee: £100 for one class; £150 for half a day (2 classes); £300 whole day

Natural Connections
  • What is Natural Connections?

Natural Connections is a 3-year project (2012 – 2015) supporting schools to deliver excellent learning in the natural environment (LINE). It is funded by Natural England.


I am working as a senior associate for Lighting Up Learning which is overseeing and managing the organisation of the project in Bristol. My role is helping to link schools with volunteers and LINE providers. 


We are working with six Beacon Schools who have a designated member of staff who is confident in LINE and able to help lead on the project. Each Beacon school is setting up a LINE team to create and deliver a whole school action plan. They will in turn help support other schools (up to 36), and form a Bristol-wide cluster within which there will be joint networking and training opportunities. 


More information is available on the website of Lighting Up Learning. 


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