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Urban Peregrines

Urban Peregrine on her nest by Dave Pearce
With Peregrines found in most large towns and towns in the UK, I will explore the habits and behaviours of these urban converts.​

Duration: 60 to 90 mins plus break

I have been studying Peregrines since 1998, when I first came to Bristol. Before then, I had only seen Peregrines miles away on the mud of a Kent or Sussex estuary. Realising there was a lot to be learnt from Peregrines living in the cities I began studying their diet. More recently I have been colour-ringing their young to find out more about their lives. 

Throughout this talk I will be exploring what makes an urban Peregrine tick, why they are using our towns and cities and what we are finding out about them, including their unusual hunting behaviours. 

To find out more details or book this talk for your group, contact met at​

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Young Peregrine by Ed Drewitt
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